FOREVER Sublimation

With the release of Subli-Light (No Cut) and Subli-Light (No Cut) Glitter, you can now print onto White and Light 100% Cotton textiles in a single step transfer process. Simply print onto the transfer paper and press directly onto your cotton textile.

Subli-Flex 202 allows you to print onto Dark 100% Cotton textiles and it is essentially a sublimation printable vinyl sheet with a Cut and Weed process.

Subli-Deluxe is a premium quality sublimation media for printing onto 100% polyester or sublimation (polyester) coated surfaces such as Sublimation Mugs and a huge range of other sublimation products available on the market. Should you wish to print onto uncoated surfaces such as tile or slate from your local DIY shop or mugs from any generic vendor, this would not be possible with sublimation and would instead be achieved by the use of Multi-Trans Laser Transfer Paper.