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OKI Pro9541WT - A3 White Toner Printer

OKI Pro9541WT

A3 White Toner Printer


Everything you need to get started printing high quality t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts & textiles.

Package Includes

  • OKI Pro9541WT
  • 3 Year OKI Warranty
  • FOREVER TransferRIP
  • Teamviewer Support
  • Telephone Support
  • 100 x A3 Laser Dark (No Cut)
  • 100 x A3 Laser Light (No Cut)
  • 100 x Matt Finishing Paper
  • CMYKW Toners
  • Wheel Base


The OKI Pro9541WT will print Vector files without a problem; but when it comes to photographs and more complex artwork, the FOREVER TransferRIP produces results that are unobtainable via any other printing method.

The FOREVER TransferRIP is a user friendly printing software that allows you to remove colours, change colours, and adjust your artwork settings with simplicity and without the use of complex design suites.

Make your prints: Feel Better · Look Better · Wash Better · Last Longer · Cost Less · Better Quality · Unique. Make your prints

  • Feel Better
  • Look Better
  • Wash Better
  • Last Longer
  • Cost Less
  • Better Quality
  • Unique
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Print from RIP

Soft feel

Print from File

Plastic feel

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