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OKI Pro7411WT - A4 White Toner Printer

OKI Pro7411WT

A4 White Toner Printer

Includes FOREVER TransferRIP


Includes OKI Pro7411WT Printer · 1 x White Toner · 1 x Cyan Toner · 1 x Magenta Toner · 1 x Yellow Toner · 3 Year OKI Warranty · Teamviewer Support · Telephone Support · Forever TransferRIP · Next Day UK Delivery

Overview of the OKI Pro7411WT

The OKI Pro7411WT A4 White Toner Printer combines High Definition digital LED colour printing with white toner technology. Versatility in media allows you to print sizes up to A4 and weights up to 256gsm.
Class-leading performance in a compact design that delivers stunning colour and reliable results, once only achievable by expensive production equipment.

Diverse Production

• Print Garments
• Print Transfers
• Print Textiles
• Print Art, Craft and Design projects
• Print Package design and mock-ups
• Print Point-of-Sale displays


The Pro7411WT can print solid white onto a wide variety of coloured media and can also be printed with any other colours to create vibrant transfers for both dark and light substrates.
By removing all CMYK restrictions, your printing capabilities are now limited only by your imagination.


Combining all of these superior features with FOREVER Transfer Papers allows you to produce outstanding results onto a massive range of products.

Full Creative Potential

OKI’s pioneering digital LED technology combined with FOREVER's revolutionary and you have a revolution in printing for the graphics, design and merchandising sectors.

Print Smart, Print OKI!

Print Laser Light (No-Cut)

Laser Light (No-Cut) is the easy application Single Paper System for printing onto light colored textiles.
Simply print in mirror image onto the Laser Light (No-Cut) paper, then press onto your textile.
The application is extremely simple and yields constant results you can count on.


Vibrant Colours

Printing light and pastel colours onto your light/white garments is now possible due to the spot channel (white backing) coverage printed beneath the colours.
This extra coverage produces extraordinarily bright and outstanding result.
Laser Light (No-Cut) even works on dark coloured textiles but the print will not be as vibrant.

Full Colour

Print onto

Print in full colour (including white) onto a wide range of substrate colours. • Cotton
• Polyester
• Polycotton

Paper Weight


Print Laser Dark (No-Cut)

Print onto

The revolutionary two-step transfer paper that allows you to print onto any colour garment/textile and a wide array of other substrates. • Cotton
• Polyester
• Polycotton
• Nylon
• Leather
• Denim
• Card/Carton


Using Laser Dark (No-Cut) with the OKI Pro7411WT is in itself a fantastic addition to any printers' arsenal.
Combining this with the FOREVER TransferRIP however, you can produce results that are unobtainable via any other printing method.

No Cutting • No Weeding

Laser Dark (No-Cut) is a residue-free paper which gives the softest feel and longest lasting washability. This means no cutting and certainly no weeding is required

Infinite Possibilities

Laser Dark (No-Cut) has multiple finishing options for a truly unique print. You can finish using Gloss or Matt finish; or special effects such as Flock or Foil.

Make your prints

  • Feel Better
  • Look Better
  • Wash Better
  • Last Longer
  • Cost Less
  • Better Quality
  • Unique

Print up to 256gsm

Heavyweight feed capabilities allow you to create short run packaging and craft products with endless possibilities.
Combine the OKI Pro7411WT with the Graphtec F-Mark to produce packaging/craft products with tremendous ease in simple and straight forward stages.

Print SUPER Heavyweight

If the generous allowance of 256gsm is not enough, you can print heavier products by using

Laser Dark (No-Cut) for full colour logos/images/designs/photographs.

Flex Soft (No-Cut) for single colour printing, including the colours that you can't print such as Metallic and Neon colours.

Multi-Trans Select for Metallic Gold and Silver.

Automated Production

The OKI Pro7411WT


A Quality Heat Press

Printing bespoke packaging has never been this easy. Everything you require in the smallest footprint
Superior capabilities and diverse possibilities allow you to access lucrative new revenue streams with ease and simplicity.

Print Multi-Trans

Using Multi-Trans with your OKI Pro7411WT allows you to print a range of substrates including:

Place Mats
Magnetic Vinyls
CD's & More!

No Cutting • No Weeding

Multi-Trans is a No-Cut product meaning there is no residue in the unprinted areas of the transfer paper.
The results yield a crisp; professional finish.


You can also print your hard surfaces in Metallic Gold or Silver using Multi-Trans Metallic.
Multi-Trans Metallic can be used in conjunction with Multi-Trans for full colour designs with metallic elements.


Multi-Trans (unlike sublimation) does not require your product to have any special coating.
You can print any product that fits in/under/on your Heat Press or any product which you have a 'jig' for and any product that will not melt at 200°C.


Multi-Trans Metallic
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