Classic + Universal

FOREVER Classic + Universal allows you to print up to A3 images/designs, breast pocket logo's with skin tones, gradients and anything in between.

Classic + Universal leaves residual impact, simply trim around your image/design with a pair of Scissors or a Cutter/Plotter featuring optical eye functionality (such as the Silhouette Cameo 3) prior to pressing onto your substrate to reduce this impact.


Classic + Universal

1,200+ garments per hour

Classic + Universal has a short press time of 10 seconds.

This means one person with one press can produce around 120 garments per hour (including time taken to unload/load the garment onto the press). Therefore, 10 people with 10 presses can produce over 1,200 garments per hour.

In comparison to Vinyl, which can easily take an hour to cut and weed 120 transfers, Classic + Universal and one person can fully finish approximately 120 shirts in the same period of time (that's in full colour too!).

The only limitation is your budget and workforce.

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