Beta Maxi A2 Manual Heat Press

42cm x 60cm Industrial Heat Press.
The Adkins Range of Heat Presses offer heat and pressure distribution at a precise measurement. The reliability and accuracy of the Adkins Range, provides the perfect companion of FOREVER Transfer Papers.


Beta Maxi Manual Heat Press
Cast aluminium stabilised to prevent platen movement, ensuring even pressure distribution.
Thermal cut off - power down upon temperature exceeding 235°C (455°F)
Manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. (CE labelled)
42 cm x 60 cm (17 in x 24 in) table
Digital Time and Temperature Control
Swing head operation for clear view of working area
Safety Release catch
Fingertip pressure control
Cast aluminium construction for strength and durability
Self adhesive silicone base pad
Lifetime heat element guarantee.
12 month warranty on machine.
Full service/ spares support.
Manual supplied illustrates electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list.
Full safety instructions.